Virtual Violin Game. Installation instructions

Click on the download link for your version of the Virtual Violin Game sent to you by email. Download the folder to the desktop and copy to the c:\temp folder on your computer. Double click the folder to open Double click on the Setup.exe file(you may be prompted to authorise this setup)

First Time Setup

The first time you use the program you need to help setup player values for the game. There are 4 forms that need to be filled out before the game starts for the first time. I suggest you end the program once you have completed these forms so that the values are saved and you do not have to do the same process again. All forms need to be completed in full before continuing. Most forms will close automatically when the last item is complete or you may close them by clicking the red X in the corner.

Form 1: User Name Form for Two People Single Person User Name Form

Form 2: The Player Values form

Select Your Violin Size Clicking the Pick your favourite colour button should show this dialog. When closed the text will change colour. Select your birthdate in the form year month and day.Choose the Gender, Your favourite animal and a country that you want to represent. Finally choose a town of your choice.

Form 3: The UserPhoto Form:

Here you need to capture 10 front looking images and 10 sideways views of your face. If the video is not running click the “Grab Image” button Click the “Roll Video Add Images” Button to add the images. If the profile shots are not adding try gradually turning your head until your profile is recognized and a red box appears on the screen. When you are happy with your images click on the “Save All Images and Close” Button or Close the form.

Form 4: The Email Setting Form:

Select your Internet Service Provider( eg Optus or Telstra etc) the SMTP server should automatically fill in. Then fill in your email username and password. There will be two more dialog boxes that are shown each time choose Ignore for the first” one” and “yes” for the one shown below.

Playing the game

If there are two people playing the first person to sign in needs to stand on the right and the second on the left. If you are playing alone your items will be displayed only on the right. The window should look like below. You are allocated points for doing things well with the violin. There are 6 boxes which represent your bow direction, your right elbow height the position of you violin upwards and sideways, the position of your wrist and your left elbow. If the box is red it is wrong if it is clear it is good. You need at least 2 clear boxes to earn points. You also can win points by playing in tune and using fast long bows. Your Bow speed is displayed here Your tuning is displayed at the top with this dial When you are finished click on the pause button first to make sure all background activities complete and then click the corner red X